Zone – Why It Works

Cellular inflammation: The Problem

Cellular inflammation is what makes us gain weight, accelerate the development of chronic disease, and decrease our physical performance. Although this type of inflammation is below the perception of pain, you can measure it and more than 90% of Americans have high levels of it. If the levels of cellular inflammation remain elevated, it can become a silent killer.

There is no drug that can reverse cellular inflammation. It is caused by the diet and can only be effectively reversed by the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet. If you want to retake control of life, your first step must be the reduction of cellular inflammation.

Why We Gain Weight

Increased cellular inflammation can turn your fat cells into a “fat trap” especially if you are genetically predisposed. Once this happens, the dietary calories get trapped in your fat cells and can’t be released to make the energy you need to survive and move around. As a result you are constantly hungry. Once you begin to reverse cellular inflammation, the “fat trap” is relaxed and you stop the hunger. If you are never hungry, then cutting back on calories is easy.

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